JMP Sound Packs
All of the sound packs on this site are provided free of charge. It's just one small way I am giving back to the music community. All I ask is that you neither re-package the patches and sell them nor market them as patches you have created.
Omnisphere 2.5


JMP Sound Packs are published as Omnisphere libraries and are compatible with any version of Omnisphere 2.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Click the download button which will download a 'zip' file to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file using your favorite unzip application.
  3. Follow the Omnisphere Adding Sounds instructions.
  4. Provide feedback via social media.

A project consisting of 11 patches. Categories are:

Screaming Tubes, Subterranean Alien
Pads + Strings
Majestic Being, Mysterious Voices, Radioactive, Scientific Discovery
Synth Mono
Electromagnetic, End of Our Days, Event Horizon
Synth Poly
Beginning of Time, Power Pulse

The primary focus of this pack is pulsating sounds. The majority of the patches either pulsate in some kind of way or can use the MW or Aftertouch to add a pulse. There are also a couple of patches that don't pulsate at all.

A project consisting of 10 patches. Categories are:

  • ARP + BPM
  • Pads + Strings
  • Keyboards
  • Synth Mono
  • Synth Poly
  • Textures Playable

Included in this pack is an updated version of the Friction Propeller patch from JMP Sound Pack 1.

A project consisting of 10 patches. Categories are:

  • ARP + BPM
  • Synth Bass
  • Synth Mono
  • Synth Poly
  • Textures Playable